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Sarmellek- SPAIN, Pinto: Ecological remediation works of Knorr-Bremse factory;

- GERMANY: Ecological site assessment for 3 waste disposal sites;

- UKRAINE: Surveying of potential ecological contamination sources in district Berehove;

- ROMANIA: Evaluation and assessment of potentially contaminated sites and technical design of remediation technologies;

- AUDI HUNGARIA: Site remediation, Győr;

- HUNGARIAN ARMY: Ecological site assessment of 121 former Soviet military bases, remediation works for Hetényegyháza fuel base, Hajmáskér barrack base, on Kecskemét havaria site of MIG-29 airplane, ecological site assessment and preparation of technical intervention plans for 6 fuel bases;

- MÁV (Hungarian State Railways ): Ecological site assessment of fuel store bases of 60 railway stations, remediation works on 4 railway stations, on 2 reparation bases, on chemical unloading station of Záhony, on Komoró Oil Base;

main references

- MALÉV (Hungarian Airways): Ecological site assessment and preparation of technical intervention plan for Ferihegy Airport, remediation works;

- AIRPORT DEBRECEN: Liquidation of storage tank park and remediation works;

- Hungarian Ministry of Defense, PÁPA AIRPORT: remediation works on fuel base;

- TÖKÖL AIRPORT: Ecological site assessment, demounting of fuel storage tank park No. 1;

- TVK: Ecological site assessment, remediation works, determination of earthquake danger grade of great investments, investigations in soil mechanics, geotechnics;

- MOL: Design works for 12 fuel storage bases against water caused damages, ecological assessments on pipeline damage sites and drill sites, remediation works on 2 transport vehicle accidents;

main references2

- PEPSI COLA: Ecological site assessment and remediation works on Helsinki street site, Budapest;

- BUDACOLOR: Ecological remediation works;

- AKZO-NOBEL: Ecological site assessment and remediation works on Tiszaújváros site;

- GANZ-ANSALDO (Tápiószele): Full site ecological impact overview;

- NITROKÉMIA: Ecological site assessment, design works on elimination of ecological damages, monitoring;

- TAURUS: Ecological site assessment and remediation works on Nyíregyháza site;

- BVM: Ecological site assessment and remediation works;

- TEVA-BIOGÁL pharmaceutical company (Debrecen): Ecological remediation works, building of monitoring system;

- EGIS pharmaceutical company: Ecological site assessment and workout of technical intervention conception for 2 Budapest sites;

szolnok- ALKALOIDA pharmaceutical company (Tiszavasvári): Ecological site assessment for waste disposal site and factory site, workout of technical intervention plan, building of remediation system;

- AGRO-CHEMIE: remediation works on Nagytétény site, Budapest;

- OMSZ (national ambulance service): Ecological site assessment for 67 sites, elimination of fuel storage tanks;

- VOLÁN transport company: Ecological site assessment, remediation works on 2 sites;

- ELMŰ and ÉMÁSZ : Ecological site assessment on 49 substations;

- LŐRINCI ERŐMŰ (power plant): Ecological remediation works of transformer park;

- TIG KHT: Ecological site assessment of fuel base;

- LEGRAND MAGYARORSZÁG: full ecological assessment revision of Szentes town;

- ALMÁSFÜZITŐ former alum earth factory: Ecological remediation works on alkali unloading site;

- NAFTA DEPO: Ecological site assessment on Bodaszőlő fuel base site, preparation of technical intervention plan, building of monitoring system

- MÁFI, Hungarian Geological Institute: participation in selection and evaluation process of disposal sites for radioactive wastes of low and medium activity;

- NEUTRON RESEARCH CENTRE, planned in Debrecen: preliminary investigation on soil mechanics;

- ÁBKSZ - Central Flood Defence Organization: stage assessment of 570 km flood dams;