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ELGOSCAR-2000 is the leading Hungarian remediation company with numerous successfully finished international projects (Please, see our references).

We have evaluated and assessed hundreds of contaminated sites (industrial areas, military bases, airports, mining, etc.). After the assessment, the sites were prioritized to recognize the most significant issues considering the hazards and risks. Based on the result of the evaluation our team is capable to design, build and operate the most effective soil and groundwater decontamination technologies considering all the conditions.

Please see the list of our successfully finished projects

Integrated management system (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EMAS, SCC, BS OHSAS 18001).

Internationally accepted sampling and analytical laboratory team (EA European Accreditation).

ELGOSCAR-2000 is active and proud member of the

Hungarian Water Cluster

Hungarian Chamber of Engineers

KSZGYSZ Association of Environmental Enterprises

KEXPORT Environmental Industry Export Cluster

Hungarian Geological Society

Association of Hungarian Geophysicists


Mr. Gergely TÓTH the CEO of ELGOSCAR is the President of the KEXPORT Environmental Industry Export Cluster and Presidency member of KSZGYSZ Association of Environmental Enterprises.

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